The last two years have changed the way we live, work, and do business. 65% of working adults stated the pandemic has made them reevaluate how they value their time and 58% said it has made them reprioritize their relationship with time spent on work.

In this post-COVID-19 era, competitive companies must create work cultures that empower employees to better manage their time. AppointmentCore’s new, feature-rich 3.0 software establishes a foundation of efficiency helping quality employees make their time as productive as possible.

Even if a company is currently using basic scheduling software, the new offerings include the following competitive features:

  • NEW, POWERFUL INTEGRATION LIBRARY: Integrate with popular platforms, like Google, ActiveCampaign, Keap, SalesForce, Zoom, Hubspot, and more. Create endless webhooks, link with Zapier to unlock 1000’s of integrations that streamline your business, and connect your browser plug-in to simplify time management. BONUS: Admins can see the integration library of anyone and if the tech is set up properly, reducing tech support costs and time.
  • MORE SOPHISTICATED SCHEDULING: Reduce competition between peers and improve workmanship through Smart Routing scheduling workflows.
  • BUILD LOVE FOR YOUR BRAND: Boost brand loyalty and personalization capabilities through intuitive, custom messages based on existing customer data. see more here.
  • FREE TWO-WAY SMS TEXTING: Decrease no-shows by 65% using free, unlimited SMS automation.
  • AUTOMATED MESSAGING: Change your meeting efficiency game with extra touches like pre-appointment messages, step-by-step customer instructions, and pre-meeting engagement.
  • LEVERAGE YOUR CRM: Level up your messaging campaigns by integrating your CRM to seamlessly organize customers and clients through our Smart Grabbing Feature. View all the contacts that you or your team have booked, including the number of appointments, emails opened, attendance metrics, and sales outcomes in one place.
  • UNLEASH ANALYTICS: Gauge the success of existing time management strategies through detailed analytics designed for the business owner.
  • PROFESSIONALIZE YOUR CUSTOMER INTERFACES: Customize your brand engagement with customers through polished, professional landing pages and vanity URLs that can combine multiple scheduling pages into one location and simplify scheduling.
  • EMPOWER SCHEDULERS: Scheduling assistants have a God-mode view of all calendars, enabling customized dashboards to simplify team and sales schedules. Executive calendar managers use the “Make Me Look Busy” feature to display a given amount of available slots per day.
  • GET ANSWERS IMMEDIATELY: Our live chat is on standby for your questions and to support customers as they explore our feature-rich scheduling playground.
  • MAKE SCHEDULING FUN + INFORMATIVE: Add engagement and gather critical data about appointments by asking custom post-call questions, establishing outcomes, and adding employee rewards.
  • REASONABLE, FLEXIBLE PRICING: Add as many users (or few) as you want and billing is automatically updated when users are updated.

AppointmentCore’s 3.0 rollout empowers adaptable businesses as they redirect valuable human energy toward more efficient uses of time. To explore more about the next generation of time management, click below.