Rewards & scheduling feedback

18 April, 2022
5:44 am
Boost your customer success efforts with AppointmentCore’s customizable rewards and scheduling feedback program.
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Gather critical data about the success of your appointments by asking customizable post-call questions, establishing outcomes and adding employee rewards.

AppointmentCore offers a post-call polling feature for customers to leave their feedback. You can create single choice or multiple-choice questions for your meetings. Use these questions to gather data for a report after a call. You can then review this report to gauge the effectiveness and customer satisfaction of your meetings.

Have you achieved all your meeting goals? Use the information gathered to plan ahead and brainstorm ideas on how to achieve what you and your team are working towards.
When meeting goals are met, incentivize and reward employees.

Employee rewards are a critical component of every successful business. It’s important that employees feel recognized and appreciated for their work. It boosts morale and inspires employees to be more ambitious and do better to reach their goals. With AppointmentCore, you can better engage with your employees and show appreciation for what they do with customizable rewards.

Engage with clients and gather valuable feedback today.

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