Scheduling interviews is now easier than ever.

AppointmentCore lets you engage with candidates at scale while delivering a personal touch that keeps them interested. Enable one-click scheduling, automatically generate the relevant details in the meeting invite and make the interview process frictionless.

Automatic candidate meetings

Quickly generate meetings and follow-ups for interested candidates at precisely the right time, keeping talent engaged.

Smart integration

AppointmentCore integrates with your recruiting tools, and our ScheduleSmarter LinkedIn integration makes engaging the best candidates a breeze.

Track what’s important

AppointmentCore’s analytics easily track where candidates are in the hiring process. Quickly view engagement metrics like opens, replies, RSVPs, and opt-outs.

Focus on what matters

Take routine tasks, like follow-ups, off of your team’s plate so they can focus on finding the best candidates possible.

Instantly connect with qualified candidates

Dramatically shorten your hiring cycle by instantly connecting with the best talent right away — automatically generating meetings and follow-ups, so they stay engaged from the start.

  • Instant booking
    Let top candidates book meetings with recruiters as soon as they submit their information.
  • Seamless scheduling
    Send booking links with your recruiting emails and LinkedIn communications so that your recruitment team never misses a chance to connect with qualified candidates.
  • Smart integration
    Integrate AppointmentCore with all of your existing hiring tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, allowing you to automatically book, track, coordinate and interview potential hires with ease.

Empower your recruitment team

SmartScheduling options and routing tools easily connect talent to your best-fit recruiters, so your team can focus on finding the best candidates for the correct positions.

  • Simple availability checks
    AppointmentCore will automatically check availability between the recruiter, client, and candidate and schedule accordingly.
  • Smart routing
    Routing tools can instantly match the right recruiter to the candidate based on job type and qualifications, ensuring that talent is always talking to the right people.
  • Advanced segmentation
    Segment team availability by client, objective, or recruitment category, simplifying candidate assignment and distribution regardless of your team recruitment size.

Engage more top talent

AppointmentCore ensures that your best prospective candidates are engaged and enter into your hiring workflow immediately so that you’ll never miss a chance to qualify and recruit the right people.

  • Smart engagement metrics
    Easily track your candidates through the interview process. Add rich data and analytics depth with automated post-interview candidate surveys and recruiter disposition outcomes.
  • Manage talent easily
    Create or update candidate contact info when meetings are booked to keep your candidate profiles up to date.
  • Exceptional candidate experience
    Scheduling widgets embedded right into recruitment emails or LinkedIn messages make it easy for talent to connect with your hiring team.
  • Post-interview follow-up
    Automate post-interview email and text message campaigns designed to keep your candidates interested and engaged.

Top recruiters using AppointmentCore

Recruit more top candidates with these features

Manage complex team schedules

Easily coordinate between multiple teams with different scheduling priorities for each.

Embedded forms

Instant booking right from your website or email.

Smart routing

Ensure that meetings get routed to the right rep every time.

Seamless calendar integrations

Integrate with GSuite, Outlook, and other email providers for smart, easy scheduling.

Automated contacts

Prospects are automatically entered into your CRM and synced with existing profiles.

Smart scheduling tools

Let prospects book time on your calendar, and automatically prevent double-booking.

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