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AppointmentCore is explicitly built for companies with complex sales processes. Our features include advanced appointment-routing and salesperson matching, with options to customize every meeting scenario.

Connect Instantly

Reduce friction at every point of communication to land more meetings and close more deals.

Book meetings from wherever you spend your time

Book from anywhere — whether from your CRM, email inbox, phone, or chat.

Smart routing gets them to the perfect rep at the best time

Distribute meetings to the right rep every time, regardless of your organization’s complexity.

Keep your existing CRM in the loop

AppointmentCore automatically records meetings, appointment changes, or disposition data, and more, right into Salesforce or your CRM of choice.

Connect instantly and convert more leads

Ensure that your best inbound leads turn into sales meetings with automations and scheduling tools that integrate with any web form.

  • Lead capture forms
    Auto-fill or gather new information from prospects or customers with scheduling web forms. Instantly schedule meetings on form completion: don't miss a single sales opportunity and boost your speed to lead by connecting reps to qualified customers the moment they hit submit.
  • Instant lead qualification
    Information collected at the point of contact instantly qualifies leads and route them to the right sales representative.
  • Appointment is automatically created in your CRM and calendar
    Meetings are automatically added to your CRM calendar, opportunities, tasks, and/or activity history, boosting your efficiency and visibility across departments and company goals.

Smart routing for better meetings

Smart routing tools and custom CRM rules allow you to automatically route leads to the best-fit reps and coordinate across calendars.

  • Advanced routing rules
    Smart routing rules automatically assign inbound lead meetings to the best-fit available rep based on availability rules, distribution or load-balancing rules, and even qualifiers like company size, region, and pre-existing account owner from your CRM.
  • Book team meetings instantly
    Phone representatives can use Schedule Smarter to instantly assign and book meetings between leads and themselves or other reps or departments without having to know anything about the inner workings of department distribution rules or the nuances of other team members' schedules, making handoffs frictionless.
  • Smart lead distribution
    Make sure that leads are equally distributed among a team with round-robin routing and load-balancing to spread meetings based on volume or multi-tiered prioritization and rep preferences.
  • Simple tracking
    Easily track, reassign, or redistribute leads as needed, staying on top of complex sales and marketing workflows.

Faster scheduling to shorten sales cycle

Make the process as easy as possible for reps and customers by offering one-click scheduling and simple calendar matching.

  • Book meetings from anywhere
    Schedule Smarter integrates deeply with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, InfusionSoft, LinkedIn, and more, so reps can set and automate appointments from wherever they already work.
  • One-click booking from regular or campaign emails
    Save your prospects time and energy with one-click booking and availability embedded right in your email. We automatically link the contact to the booking with AppointmentCore's Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, and Keap's email marketing campaigns, so they pick a time and are done!
  • Built to convert and minimize no-shows
    Our scheduling tools convert more leads to more meetings and reduce no-shows through custom email, text message, and even automated voicemail messages.

Track leads, calls, and meetings in your CRM

Save your team time and energy with a tool that seamlessly integrates with your CRM, automatically entering rich data that can be used to gain visibility and insights into the process.

  • Sync bookings into your CRM
    Automatically generate events, tasks, or opportunities in Salesforce, Keap, or ETC, eliminating data entry and reporting inaccuracies from the start.
  • Automated contact and lead capture
    Easily create or update leads or contacts when meetings are booked to keep your information up to date and filled-in.
  • Win more with better metrics
    Use AppointmentCore's analytics tools or sync your appointment data with Salesforce to track and measure every aspect of the sales process and build reports to optimize your lead conversion better.
  • Ensure compliance with Enhanced Disposition
    Getting consistent and thorough meeting disposition data from reps can be a challenge. With Schedule Smarter's Enhanced Disposition features, reward agents for excellent behavior or set rules around filling out required disposition fields within a certain period by automatically limiting future booking availability for new opportunities unless time limits are met.

Sales leaders using AppointmentCore

Drive sales and boost revenue with these features

Manage complex team schedules

Easily coordinate between multiple teams with different scheduling priorities for each.

Embedded forms

Instant booking right from your website or email.

Smart routing

Ensure that meetings get routed to the right rep every time.

Seamless calendar integrations

Integrate with GSuite, Outlook and other email providers for smart, easy scheduling.

Automated contacts

Prospects are automatically entered into your CRM and synced with existing profiles.

Meeting buffers

Easily built-in time before each meeting.

Smart booking tools

Let prospects book time on your calendar and automatically prevent double-booking.

Meeting handoff

Easily route and book meetings for other members of your team.

Automatic reminders

AppointmentCore generates email and text reminders to reduce no-shows.

Simple CRM integration

AppointmentCore integrates easily with SalesForce, Keap (Infusionsoft), and other CRM’s to reduce data entry and admin task time.

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