Make Me Look Busy

18 April, 2022
4:59 am
AppointmentCore new feature update: Make Me Look Busy feature allows users to regain control over time.
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Block out time between meetings for work that matters.

AppointmentCore’s feature-rich scheduling automation tool is renowned for its efficiency, ensuring faster sales and increased productivity. The platform provides immediate responses to hot leads, connecting the customer to the ideal representative. But what if you need to reserve time for other tasks? Just because you’re available doesn’t mean you want to show every time slot on your calendar.

That’s where AppointmentCore’s new Make Me Look Busy time blocking feature comes in.

Who benefits from “Make Me Look Busy”?

Make Me Look Busy benefits any user who needs to reserve some time for themselves. If you find yourself distracted from your work and unable to make ends meet between meetings, thinking time and your other responsibilities, AppointmentCore’s Make Me Look Busy is the perfect solution.

This feature is perfect for executives who want to ensure they don’t get overloaded with meetings, or for sales teams who want to ensure they have time blocked out to make calls or sign contracts. With this feature, you can easily set how many available time slots you would like to show per day.

How is “Make Me Look Busy” useful?

  • Structure your time to increase productivity. The Make Me Look Busy feature makes sure that you don’t waste time on low-priority tasks without getting any real work done.
  • Ensure you’re not constantly bombarded with meetings. You control your availability.
  • Balance your responsibilities so that you can achieve the maximum amount of progress in your workweek.
  • Eliminate distractions from work you truly care about. Make sure your brainstorming time isn’t derailed by meetings.

How does Make Me Look Busy work?

The new Make Me Look Busy feature is very easy to enable and use. Take a look at the simple steps below to find out how to use Make Me Look Busy.

  1.  Log in to You’ll see your main dashboard.
  2. Go over to Pages & Links. You’ll find your booked appointments here.
  3. Select an appointment and click edit. It’ll lead you to this section.
  4. Click on availability and you’ll find the Make Me Look Busy feature on the right. Enable Make Me Look Busy.
  5. Choose how many time slots you want to show per day.
  6. If you go over to publish, you can click on the preview and see how many slots are available per day. You’ll see that there won’t be more than the number that you choose.

Ready to hold the reigns of your schedule? Click here for a demo of AppointmentCore including our Make Me Look Busy feature.