SMS Messaging For Appointment Reminders and Follow Ups

18 April, 2022
6:47 am
Increase your conversions with AppointmentCore’s free, unlimited automated SMS message reminders and follow-ups.
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Mobile phones are the future of business strategies. The popularity of mobile phones is ever-increasing, which is why it’s incredibly important to go with the trend and use it to your business’s advantage. Most people check SMS messages within a few minutes, whereas emails are opened hours or days after being sent, or never.

Don’t waste valuable time on prospects who never show up. AppointmentCore’s automated SMS reminders decrease no-shows by 65%. With SMS reminders, you can keep track of cancellations and rearrange your schedule. Without SMS reminders your prospects are more likely to cancel at inconvenient times or not show up, and with that, you lose income and time to pursue new leads.

Ensure client accountability and bypass client forgetfulness. Clients don’t show up if they’ve forgotten their appointment or didn’t know they had one, or if they have another engagement. If that’s the case, an SMS reminder will allow them to reschedule at their convenience.

Foster client loyalty and keep prospects engaged and interested. With AppointmentCore’s automated SMS reminders you can revive cold leads, keep hot leads interested and improve your client relationships overall. Make sure to customize your messages with keywords that draw attention, and watch the results pour in.

Clients are more likely to recommend you to their friends and associates if you take advantage of the appeal of text reminders.

Remember, nowadays everyone reads SMS messages, making reminders more successful than if they were sent via email or phone call (phone calls are labor-intensive).
Improve the efficiency of your schedule with SMS reminders today.

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