Round Robin AC

17 May, 2022
4:45 am
With AppointmentCore’s smart round robin feature, you can choose exactly how you want to distribute booked appointments.
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Optimize availability and equal distribution of leads with automated lead assignment that ensures fair distribution of leads between reps. By using AppointmentCore’s cloud-based scheduling platform to distribute leads between your team members you can eliminate manual lead assignment, boost efficiency, save time, increase conversions and promote growth.
Increase customer and representative satisfaction.

Automated scheduling allows representatives to better manage their time and increase their productivity. Eliminate human error and inconsistencies by letting AppointmentCore handle lead distribution for you. Your prospects will have a better customer experience with seamless communication and high availability. They can select a time that works best for them and quickly be put into contact with an available representative.

How it works.

Round robin routing schedules prospects meetings with the next available representative.

  • The lead is created when a prospect fills out a contact form.
  • Each new lead goes to the next available representative on the list.
  • If no contact is made within a certain time period, the lead is re-routed to the next available representative.

Try round robin scheduling here to discover its benefits.