Faster scheduling to shorten sales cycle

Make the process as easy as possible for reps and customers by offering one-click schedule and simple calendar matching.

  • Book meetings from anywhere
    Our Schedule Smarter feature integrates deeply with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Keap, LinkedIn, and more. Representatives can streamline and automate appointment setting from anywhere.
  • One-Click booking directly from email
    Save your prospects time and energy with one-click booking and availability embedded right in your email. With AppointmentCore’s Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce MarketingCloud, MailChimp, and Keap’s email marketing campaigns we automatically link the contact to the booking, so all they have to do is pick a time and done!
  • Smart lead distribution
    Make sure that leads are equally distributed among a team with round robin routing, load-balancing to spread meetings across the team based on volume or multi-tiered prioritization and rep preferences.
  • Built to convert and minimize no-shows
    Our scheduling tools are designed to convert more leads to more meetings and reduce no-shows through custom email, text message, and even automated voicemail messages.

Smart Routing designed for Operation teams

Ensure seamless backend processes for excellent customer journeys. Simplify account onboarding and transitions, automated routing of site technicians and installers, CRM syncs and connections to ticketing software, and more. With AppointmentCore, your team provides an exceptional customer experience which leads to increased retention rates.

  • Easy account transitions
    Simplify transitions between customer onboarding and next steps with automation workflows that ensure that every customer gets assigned the best-fit available CSM for their needs
  • Schedule meetings right from your ticketing software
    With AppointmentCore’s schedule smarter ticketing system and email plugin, your CSMs can generate available times with easy one-click to schedule buttons directly in the ticket or email without the CSM having to leave the ticketing system or email client.
  • Automated appointment routing
    AppointmentCore lets you automatically assign meetings based on ticket ownership, round-robin, load balancing, profile matching, and more
  • Instant CRM sync
    Schedule Smarter automatically creates or updates contacts and opportunities in your existing CRM or updates existing contacts and can even auto-generate or update support tickets.

Sales leaders using AppointmentCore

Features to help drive solar and roofing sales

Manage complex team schedules

Easily coordinate between multiple teams with different scheduling priorities for each.

Embedded forms

Instant booking right from your website or email

Smart routing

Ensure that meetings get routed to the right rep every time

Seamless calendar integrations

Integrate with GSuite and Outlook for smart, easy scheduling.

Automated contacts

Prospects are automatically entered into your CRM and synced with existing profiles.

Meeting buffers

Easily build in time before each meeting.

Smart booking tools

Let prospects book time on your calendar, and automatically prevent double-booking.

Meeting handoff

Easily route and book meetings for other members of your team.

Automatic reminders

AppointmentCore generates email and text reminders to reduce no-shows.

Simple CRM integration

AppointmentCore integrates easily with Saleforce, Keap (Infusionsoft), and other CRM’s to reduce data entry and admin time.

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